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Tom Kelley's Bowling Pro Shop, located in Omaha, Nebraska and Norfolk, Nebraska, is one of the largest, most complete Bowling Pro Shops in America. There are over 250 different styles of Bowling Balls on display and in stock at all times. We stock one of the largest inventories of bowling equipment in the country with over 200 different sytles of bags, all major brands of bowling accessories and a large inventory of different styles of bowling shoes. After 52 years in the Bowling Pro Shop business, we have thousands of satisfied customers in both the United States and other countries. Helping bowlers improve their game is our ONLY business. Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. are Charter Members of the International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association with first-hand knowledge of all bowling equipment.

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Customer Feedback

We were at your Omaha store on Saturday Jan 20, 2012. We would like to thank the Kelley family and other employees at the store for their outstanding customer service! We have never experienced the quality of customer service in all of our years at any store. Tom Kelley's Pro Bowling Pro Shop is getting the very highest recommendations from us to everyone that we know. Thank you for the most outstanding service that we have ever experienced! Terry & Marilyn Ringen

Just wanted to send a little note to thank you guys for the services and equipment you provided. I recently started bowling regularly again for the first time in years and came in for a new ball around Thanksgiving to replace the 20+ year old Rhino I'd been using that got stolen. Jr. took a little bit of information and asked a couple questions and made a recommendation for me. The highest average I carried when I was younger was about 170, and with the Rhino recently I wasn't up to that, and since I've had my new ball, I've consistently had around a 190-200 average through a series and have rolled my highest game and series. Thanks for your guys expert guidance - me and my family shopped with you guys since the 1990s and there's no other option for a shop in town in my opinion. Phil

My grandson, Gage Daugherty, was in your store about a month ago and was given fantastic service by your wife(I think). I know Gage sent her a thank you note. Just a little update on Gage, he was playing football with his bowling buddies yesterday afternoon. While catching a pass for a touchdown, he was tackled. In the process, he broke his right wrist-yes you guessed it-his bowling arm. He will not be bowling for at least 8 weeks. He is devastated that he is going to miss much of the season. Just wanted to let you know that he's under the weather and could certainly use some prayers coming his way. Shirley Hansen

This is just a note of praise for the fantastic customer service I received when I came in on September 22, 2011. I came in to buy a new pair of bowling shoes and because of the deal you were running I walked away with a new ball, bag, and shoes. However, what swayed me most was the patience and helpfulness of the gentlemen who assisted me. I think one of the men's names may have been Josh. He told me and regretfully I can't be sure so forgive me it that is not correct. I had my 4 year old son with me and everyone in the store was polite and patient. If I go by the photo on the website, it was Tom Jr., who measured my fingers and hand for my ball and again, was kind, informative, and funny. In a day and age when a person can just go online to order just about anything under the sun, sometimes customer service is fleeting at best. I'm glad it is alive and well in your store. With Sincere Gratitude, Sonya Smeal Hunt

I'm really sorry to hear about your mom and hope and pray for the best. Don't worry about sending me the pic of Sr. with all that's going on with them, but please do tell him why I want it. Here's the short version of the story...when I first started calling on you guys with Ebonite, I only knew of you and Sr. from your accomplishment on the lanes. Once I came into the store and watched Sr. work with people, I got a real lesson on how to treat people. His kindness always showed through. I try to act like him every day, but I'm not him, not even close. So I thought (and told Leanne), I need to get a picture of Sr. to hang in my work area so I can try and treat people better every day. He has no idea how much I admire and respect him and how much he has changed the way I 'try' to live(but sadly fall short of). And that's my Tom Kelley, Sr. story. Sure hope Leanne and I can come visit sometime soon, I'd like to come out for a visit and maybe donate some money in one of your tournaments by, don't laugh, competing. By the way Leanne and I think you're pretty great too :). Sincerely, Gary Hulsenberg, Storm Products, Inc.

Tom Kelley Offers

***NFL Seattle Seahawks Bowling Bag***
***Bowling Bag 2 Ball Roller and Matching Team Towel $119.95***

*Over 250 Different Bowling Balls on Display and Thousands of Balls in Stock (Brunswick, DV8, Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer, Radical, Roto Grip, Storm, Track)

*Full Service Fit and Drill, Plug, Redrill, Resurface, Revive

*Over 200 Different Styles of 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 Bowling Ball Bags on Display

*Over 45 Different Styles of Brunswick, Dexter, & Etonic shoes on display with over 1000 shoes in stock.

*Bowling Shirts

*Complete line of Bowling Accessories:
Robby Gloves, Wristmaster Gloves, Pro Grip Gloves, Vise Grip Gloves, Master Elbow and Knee Supports and Themal Bands